4-H 2013 Kick-Off Event

4-H Kick-Off Event Teen Leadership Council Meeting
Monday, February 4 at 5pm at Extension Center
Call 456-3575 to Sign-Up
Designed for all current 4-H members and families as well as new 4-H members, the 2013 4-H Kick-Off event will be an opportunity to look ahead and do some planning for 2013 and fellowship.   4-Hers and the Teen Leadership Council members will look at the upcoming year and plan activities.  4-Hers will have an opportunity to look at and plan the project to be competed Teen Leadership Council, pick the themes of the Annual Awards and Activity nights, as well as look at activities they would like to do in the 2013 4-H program year.

4-H Electric Workshop – KICK-OFF EVENT
Monday, February 4 at 5pm at Extension Center during 4-H Kick-Off Event
This workshop is perfect for beginners and offers hands-on learning and the opportunity to explore electric wiring and electric construction for youth 11 and up.  Youth will solder a soil probe; which will help youth measure water level in their garden or house plants.  Youth will learn about circuits, battery functions, and lights. 

What is 4-H WHEP & Evnvirothon Workshop - KICK-OFF EVENT
Monday, February 4 at 5pm at Extension Center during 4-H Kick-Off Event
Amy Warren will lead an interactive activity to discover how learn about soils and land-use planning and review the 4-H WHEP and Envirothon competitions.  4-Hers interested in competing in these events will have the opportunity to sign-up and get more information about team preparations.  The 4-H Envirothon will learn about aquatic, wildlife, forestry, soils and land use, and current environmental issues.  WHEP is a national 4-H program that teaches 4-Hers about the fundamentals of wildlife management, brings 4-Hers together to develop team skills, promotes and develops leadership skills among 4-Hers, and provides an opportunity for 4-Hers to work with natural resource professionals.  The primary purpose of WHEP is to increase participant’s knowledge of wildlife management while promoting life skills. The basis of the program is the NC WHEP Learning and Activity Guide, which covers wildlife habitat management concepts and helps 4-Hers prepare for the annual state contest.
4-H Project Records and Presentations Workshop - KICK-OFF EVENT
Monday, February 4 at 5pm at Extension Center during 4-H Kick-Off Event
During the kick-off event 4-Hers will be challenged to complete either a presentation or project record for 2013 and learn about each program area and prizes for each competition.  Public speaking and demonstrations has been a cornerstone of the 4-H Youth Development Program since its inception in the early 20th Century.  4-H has been recognized nationally for the ability to groom and teach youth public speaking skills that will service them fore a lifetime.  Youth research their topic of their choice and prepare a 5 to 10 minute presentation.  The presentation will include posters, props, and a variety of visual aids that help them explain their topic to a panel of judges.  Youth will present their presentation at the Haywood County 4-H Annual Activity Night on March 26.  County presentations competitions will be held from 3:30 to 5pm.  Youth can also receive one-on-one assistance from 4-H staff and volunteers as they prepare their presentation.  Each presentation is judged individually with a presentation receiving a blue ribbon (excellent), red ribbon (good) or white ribbon (fair) rating.  First place winners in each age division and category will receive a $20 Wal-Mart gift card and be eligible to advance to the district competition to represent Haywood County in district competition during District Activity Day Saturday, April 27.