4-H and NCSU Football!

As we continue to build on our expanding relationship with the NC State Athletics Department, we are proud to announce that we have arranged a discounted price for football tickets to two home games this season including: William and Mary on Saturday, September 6, 2008; and Miami (last home game of the season) on Saturday, November 29, 2008.

The 4-H discounted promotional price is open to any and all 4-H members (and their families), volunteers, alumni, donors/supporters, agents, program assistants and associates, etc. (the entire 4-H family). Thus, we ask that you share this exciting opportunity with your 4-H clubs, volunteers, donors, etc.

  • In addition, they have listed the Boston College game (Homecoming) on the promotions page to encourage the 4-H family to attend and cheer the "Pack" onto victory! Note: tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve system.
*The discount rate is listed below: *
William and Mary - $25 (normally $35)
Boston College - $43 (homecoming)
Miami - $25 (normally $43)

*To secure the discounted tickets individuals will need to visit the GoPack website at the following URL: www.gopack.com/promo and enter code FOURH *

Adventure Club to Plan Fall Events

The 4-H Adventure Club will be having a meeting on Monday, August 25th at 5:30 PM to plan the club's adventure outings for the Fall. They will be meeting at the extension office in the small conference room. Some of the events will include ridge hiking, rock climbing, caving, bird watching, canoeing, and overnight camping.
The Adventure Club is for youth ages 10 and up and their families; Parents are highly encouraged to come and the cost to join is FREE!
Please bring your calenders so that dates can be set at the meeting and bring books, maps, and ideas of what you want to do in the beautiful fall weather.

Jim Calder the Wood Carver is Back

This past January our 4-H kids got a very special opportunity to learn the basics of wood carving from the "International Wood Carving Champion," at a class he led at the extension office.

He taught them using a method he invented called the triangle method where the kids can carve human faces by only carving triangles and they carved them out of SWEET POTATOES! Thats right, nice safe sweet potatoes that actually last a long time once they dry out.

Following the class, Woodcarving Illustrated, a nationally distributed magazine, wrote an article about Jim and his carving techniques that features OUR VERY OWN 4-HERS! You can read the article and see pictures of our kids at the following link.

You can read more about him and see his masterpieces at his website:

Well Jim is back in Haywood County and he is giving free carving demonstrations at the visitors center in Frog Level. It is free and open to anyone who wants to come (adults too).

Where: WNC Visitors Center located in Frog Level

Date: Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16

Times: Friday: 6-9pm Saturday: 12-6pm

Calling all Flavorologists!

As many of you know, North Carolina 4-H will be celebrating 100 years in 2009! During this exciting time we will look back at our roots and where we started as a small corn club in 1909, to today's 4-H; a youth organization committed to building outstanding citizen leaders with marketable skills to succeed in today's global society.

Now for the fun stuff!!!! It's time to get those brains concocting sweet treats for us to enjoy as we celebrate the Centennial of 4-H in North Carolina! In partnership with the NC State Creamery, 4-H is designing and producing our very own North Carolina 4-H Centennial Flavor, and we need your help!
  • We must submit any county flavors no later than September 1st, so I will need all ideas by Friday, August 29th. There is an official entry form to be filled out.
  • Be creative!
Flavor Guidelines
  • Only 1 background flavor (Ex: vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, eggnog, lemon, etc.)
  • Only 1 inclusion (Ex: chocolate chips, M&M's, cherries, etc.)
  • Only 1 swirl ingredient (Ex: fudge, butterscotch, raspberry, etc.)
  • Does not have to incorporate all 3 above components. Ex: Background flavor, 1 swirl and no inclusions, or any other combinations.
  • Ex: Sweet potato ice cream with graham cracker pieces and cinnamon sugar swirl.
  • No nuts or peanut butter may be part of the combination.
Naming of the Creation
  • Name should involve the North Carolina 4-H Centennial....Be creative!
  • Must not be offensive or in poor taste.
The winning county will receive an ice cream party
with all the trimmings for 100!